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If you're here I'm going to guess you're ready for that level beyond the status quo. For something more than treading water and moving well into the place where clients start coming to YOU rather than you seeking them out or begging for a referral.

Take a look around. If you're not sure where you're losing clients or you've been in business as a brick and mortar and trying to transition to an online model, check out Branding Black Holes. It shows you exactly which area of your biz to focus on first.

Available Products

Free Brand Strategy Hub

The world of personal branding is both very simple and requires a fair amount of thought to truly master. Pick and choose from the PDF downloads, video trainings and additional resource content to build your brand.

Diagnose the Disconnect

Let's face it: most of the time we lose a client it isn't because we don't have a good product, it's because our brand message didn't convince the client it was the right product for them.

Every business has areas where they excel and areas that need more attention before they can up-level and scale.

This mini-course will show you which areas need your attention right now and tell you how to fill in those areas of your business.

Intentional Business: VIP

What do empty inboxes, exploding ad budgets, and failed offers have in common?

Brand Strategy (or a lack thereof)

It's hard to build the rest without a solid foundation and the Intentional Business VIP gives you all the tools to solidify that foundation AND make the rest easier and less expensive.

Secret to Sought-Out

The missing link between what you know and getting clients to want your (and only your!) expertise: what to say, where to say it & how to show up visually to get clients now.

Visibility Power Hour

Have a good idea of what you need to do to uplevel but want an expert's eyes on your brand strategy? 

On-Brand Logo Generator

I know all you online business creators have a ton of products, ideas, and sometimes even businesses. Never again be at a loss for a logo for the thing that's going to take off!

Social Post Formulas

Not sure how to write an Instagram post or how to organize a podcast episode? How about setting up a Live to convert? Download these Social Post Formulas so you know how to create content and show up for your business.

Stop the Scroll: DIY Photos for Your Social Media

You don't need an Insta-husband to fill your social media profiles with quality pictures. Learn how to take better photos TODAY in this online workshop with live Q&A.

Sign up for this live online workshop:

Don't let your current inexperience stop you from showing up where your clients are hanging out. Learn how to take better photos for your business!

Build Your Own Badass Brand Identity

Skip the early years of doubt and ramen noodles and fast track your way to success with a brand that shows your badass self online.

In this 90-minute workshop you'll learn how to choose your colors, logo, and fonts all from a well-defined brand vision and create a brand board to collect all your brand visuals in one place.

Best Client Builder

Does the "ideal client avatar" have you flummoxed? You're not alone and that's why I created the Best Client Builder, to guide you through the process of knowing exactly how to define your best, most ideal client.

The Show-Up System

You know you need to show up more consistently for your business, but it takes so much time! This short training will save you hours per week by teaching you a quick content creation and organization method for any stage of business you're in right now.

Intentional Business: Your Brand Foundation

A self-paced course to define your brand foundation: who are you, who are they & how do you serve them?

Save-Me-Time Templates

Add the Save-Me-Time Templates so your graphics are as high-quality as the rest of your content!

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